Timothy M. Bovard

Senior Technician

Tim has his hand in many aspects of a new Nichols & Simpson pipe organ. Tim is responsible for much of the electrical wiring and internal windchest action in our instruments, and he constructs our unique pneumatic cylinder stop actions and expression engines. Tim is often found on the jobsite, resolving any number of assorted details in order to make things work as elegantly as possible. He also performs much of our tuning and service work, taking good care of a wide variety of existing organs of all shapes, sizes, and mechanisms.

Tim was bitten by the “pipe organ bug” as a teenage music student bored with the sonic limits of the piano. This frustration led to organ lessons, which led to meeting the organ curator, who noticed Tim’s mechanical aptitude, and eventually needed help with a repair in a very small area of that instrument. With this initial inside glimpse of the wonderful machine that is a pipe organ, he was hooked. Before joining Nichols & Simpson in 1994, he worked for two other organ companies close to his hometown of Galesburg, Illinois.

Tim is a Regular Member of the American Institute of Organbuilders and has served as AIO Convention Exhibits Coordinator since 2001. He also supports the Organ Historical Society, and has been privileged to occasionally contribute to efforts to prepare interesting old instruments for presentation at their annual conventions.

Jorge Osorio


Jorge is a native of Colombia in South America, where he studied furniture design and construction and mass production. Upon his arrival in the United States with his charming wife Lina, he worked for a time in museum-quality antique restoration before moving to Newport, Arkansas. There, he caught the attention of a Nichols & Simpson client who told us of his remarkable artistry and suggested that we interview him.

As soon as we saw his work, we knew he would be a valuable asset to Nichols & Simpson. The strikingly beautiful cases on the organ at Hendrix College are largely his work; when you look at them, you will know why we are so proud to have him as a part of our team.

David Scribner


David is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and studied organ and church music at DePaul university with Arthur C. Becker and René Dosogne. During his time at DePaul, he served as Assistant Organist at the University Church under Dr. Becker and followed him as Organist and Choirmaster of the church. Since then, he has held various other Organist/Choirmaster positions around the country, and also has worked for several other organbuilders. He is a member of the American Institute of Organbuilders.

Duane Vanderpluym


Duane came to Nichols & Simpson from one of our sub-contractors, where he had built for himself an impressive reputation in the fields of furniture and cabinet construction. In a relatively short period of time, Duane has become quite proficient in the art of building organ windchests. We at Nichols & Simpson are especially impressed with the obvious pride Duane takes in the work he does. His attention to detail and his “fussiness” about getting things exactly right are part of what makes him an excellent team player here at Nichols & Simpson. In September, 2003, Duane, a proud member of the Army National Guard, was activated for the first of two tours of duty in Iraq. Since returning to Nichols & Simpson, Duane has completed coursework and earned an Associate of Science degree in General Studies, with honors!

John Fusaro


John was born in Jacksonville Arkansas, and was hired to join our team in June of 2011, shortly after graduating from Little Rock Central High School. We soon discovered that he would be an excellent addition to our staff. John is a classical guitarist and, before coming to us, knew little about pipe organs; however, he has proven himself to be a quick learner. In addition to his work at Nichols & Simpson, John is taking college classes, working toward a degree in Computer Science. The construction, installation and tonal finishing of our instrument at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, were John’s first experiences in organbuilding, and we look forward to his working with us on many more projects.

Bryan K. Gray

Office Manager

Bryan grew up in southwest Louisiana and began studying piano and organ at age 8. He earned Bachelors degrees in Organ and Music Theory/Composition. In 1992, he joined Nichols & Simpson as office manager. Bryan is our main CADD technician and also tends to all the general office duties.