Nichols & Simpson organs use pallet-and-slider windchests. This time-honored technology, enhanced by several of Mr. Nichols’s and Mr. Simpson’s unique modifications to its design, has proven to be not only most reliable but also most responsive to the demands placed upon it by the organist.

Another important distinguishing feature of Nichols & Simpson organs is the careful blending of what is old with what is new. Ancient skills, refined by the contributions of the most modern technology, have always been the hallmark of the fine organbuilder. This is true not only with respect to the machinery that makes the organ function, but also with respect to the pipes that give the instrument its voice.

It is common procedure in the art of building pipe organs to incorporate older pipework into a new instrument. Whether we are re-using pipes in the rebuilding of the instrument in which they were originally housed, or incorporating older pipes into a new instrument in another space, Nichols & Simpson approaches the task with a view toward a careful balance between reverence for the goodness and beauty of what has gone before, and careful consideration of the gifts and limitations of the architectural space in which the instrument will speak.

When Nichols & Simpson furnishes a pipe organ for a client, we promise not only an instrument of highest quality, but also the periodic service and maintenance that will keep the pipe organ in optimum condition. No pipe organ will function perfectly for an unlimited period of time, but we are convinced that with the meticulous maintenance we provide, our instruments will afford perfectly reliable service for more than a century.

At Nichols & Simpson, we are proud of the work we do, and we are grateful to the many musicians and music-lovers who have been so generous with praise for our work.